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Stop Smoking

This Rapha Hypnotherapy course is a serious alternative treatment to change your mind set about smoking.

You can give up smoking anytime through the course but you should complete the treatment, listening to all the 15 audio tracks and making your own specific notes and observations.

Our Guarantee:

You have a problem and we don’t want you to struggle with it any longer.

The unique strategies incorporated into Rapha Hypnotherapy Treatments are the solution.

We are not providing ‘Fast Food Therapy’ you should be aware it will require effort and time from you to be permanently free of your issue.

You will need to listen to the 15 tracks on the 5 CD set, make your own specific notes gain your insights and the changes will automatically happen in your life.

Rapha Treatments require about 30 minutes a day for 40 consecutive days.

If you do these things we guarantee you will have successful results or we will refund you the purchase price.

So here’s the deal with smoking.

Recent land mark studies reveal that people smoke for:
Oral Gratification
Sensory Pleasure
Social Camaraderie

Compelling new research has found that smokers have a problem giving up as a habit, not an addiction.

This new research undermines the physiological role of nicotine (in that nicotine is non addictive) and emphasises mind over matter.

Around 20% of the world’s population smoke and according to the World Health Authority about 5 million people die annually from tobacco related illnesses.

So here’s what the Rapha Treatment will do for you: It will help you to fully strengthen your mind so that tobacco is of no matter to you………

It will:

ensure that you have as much oral gratification as you need in the correct way for you………without weight gain! 

help you explore and experience heightened sensory enjoyment healthily and comfortably for you…….

assist you to feel social closeness, friendships and fun - tobacco free…….

Quitting tobacco with my Rapha Treatment, and feeling and being healthier and fitter will be effortless and oh so rewarding for you.

You’ll enjoy your food and be the right weight, your senses will be more acute and your friendships and social occasions will be just as great without tobacco.

Let’s get going on my half an hour a day for 40 days Rapha course to quit smoking once and for all.

With my Rapha Treatment course for you to Stop Smoking I am fully committed to:


You to change your:

Negative self beliefs
Increase your inner self mastery
Access and liberate your abilities to think clearly
To have free choice
To access and release your own inner resources & strengths for you to Quit the Smoking Habit
Treatment includes a Will Power Generator. 

More about Stopping Smoking with Rapha 

So you really do want to Stop Smoking Now! Great.

You probably really do not want (or need) me to talk about the effects of your habit on your health? And it is a habit not an addiction you’ll be pleased to note! I’m pretty certain you know all there is to know? But I’ll just remind you briefly, to hone our focus and attention to what you want to achieve:

Cigarette tobacco contain around 4,000 chemicals and more than 400 of these are toxic to our body.

Tar in tobacco is carcinogenic – (causing cancer)
Nicotine though non addictive can increase our cholesterol

Carbon monoxide reduces oxygen in the blood stream.

Around 5 million in the world die every year as a result of smoking, and many are young people.

In people under the age of seventy, more deaths occur due to smoking that from breast cancer, drug addiction, AIDS, and traffic accidents.

Cardio vascular disease is the main cause of death from tobacco.
(World Health Organisation)

You are around children

It’s expensive

Your partner doesn’t like you smoking

It’s makes your breath and clothes smell

I know you will be successful with my Rapha Treatment.

I know you will feel so inspired and motivated to live a very long, healthy and very happy smoke free life.

You do not have to stop smoking before you start my course; sorry to maybe state the obvious to you but a number of people have asked me this question, so I thought to mention it.

You can take the whole forty days to stop, or just a few days. You will know what feels right, comfortable and good for you.

A lady recently told me that after three days of my Rapha Course, she just forgot the habit, and she was really, really happy how effortless and yet strange she thought this was.

She simply forgot a habit she’d had for over thirty years!

How great is that?

That is how my Rapha course will work for you as an individual.

Three days or forty days and anything in between!

Simplistically my Rapha course teaches your brain and your unconscious mind a new behaviour.

That’s it in a nut shell.

And we all learn different behaviour at different paces. You do it at your comfortable pace.

It isn’t about giving up something or being deprived, it is you learning a brand new valuable behaviour. Revitalising your health, energy and pride of achievement.

My Rapha Course ensures that you become totally focused on your goal and your success.

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