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I am a lifetime fellow and diploma member of The Academy of Curative Hypnotherapists of which I am a co-founder (1998).

I am also registered with The Hypnotherapy Register.

I have advanced training in psychotherapeutic and hypnotherapeutic cutting edge strategies which I have used to develop the Rapha Audio Hypnosis remedies that are available from the Product Page links on this site.

Rapha Hypnosis is curative therapy, that is to say it does not just paper over the cracks, but provides ‘Cures that Endure’.

I have been privileged to study under some of the greatest practitioners in my profession, including the consummate Dr Ernest Rossi who was Dr Milton Erickson’s amanuensis. I have also been tutored by Dr S. Gilligan and David Grove.

This has enabled me to incorporate great wisdoms and years of proven practice in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy into Rapha Hypnosis and to use this wonderful knowledge in curing you!

I have worked in a wide variety of Mind Health Care programs with individuals and with groups including the Cumbria Juvenile Justice Team.

Rapha Hypnosis is the application of my accumulated knowledge, gained from text books, my robust studying with acknowledged field leaders and through my vast experience.

I make no presuppositions in my Rapha Hypnosis audio treatments! If I did, that would be my hallucination about your needs! (Ref: Milton Erickson / David Grove).

I do not know your way to a happy stable, well balanced inner ‘home’, where you are at one with yourself, but I know that you know the way. My audio treatments set you on the path, and I journey beside you. Your unconscious mind is driving your problem state, paradoxically your unconscious, not me, knows the way out of the problem. (Ref: Milton Erickson).

Rapha Hypnosis does not use any direct suggestion!

Direct suggestion does not work to effect permanent change within the unconscious. If it did work our hairdresser or best friend could tell us to relax and suggest we stop eating too much food and lose weight, or be calm and confident or whatever it is we need, and we would not need the genius of the above mentioned pioneering therapists and me!

If I were simply tell you by suggestion when you are in a relaxed or hypnotic state to: Be calm, be confident, an unconscious part of you will certainly, sooner or later object and resist! Why would an unconscious part of you eventually resist? Basically because part of you is not calm! And that part of you needs unique attention!

If I were to tell you by suggestion when you are in a relaxed hypnotic state to: Stop eating so much food, your mind is instantly thinking of food and off you go to the fridge, larder, cake tin!

If I were to impose my advice, diagnosis, suggestions for solutions to your problem, your unconscious will resist, simply because your unconscious deeply knows your own unique solutions and resolutions.

What do I do? I safely teach you how to find and empower your own unconscious strengths and resources, which through numerous experiences in your life have become dormant. Your own strengths and resources know what is needed for you to uniquely ‘heal any emotional wounds’ and to make the changes for permanent resolution vital for your needs and celebration of your own life.  

There are many, many more ingredients in Rapha Hypnosis – cures that endure!

All the techniques described in the RAPHA acronym are used in my treatments which are available on sets of CDs or MP3 download.

I wish you every success on your road to health, ‘healing’ well being, clarity, vision and to feeling ‘at home’ with your self ‘at home’ in your own ‘skin’.”

Experts Sally Stubbs
has studied or studied with

Dr Milton H Erickson
Dr Erickson was aware of the danger of presupposition in his language when interacting with a client. It is important not to assume (presuppose) what a client might think, feel and believe. Our problem states are unique to our own experiences

Dr Erickson is described as the 'Master of Metaphor' that is the art of getting the message across to the unconscious mind using metaphorical stories. Our individual unconscious responds uniquely and appropriately to the ingredients of the metaphor to access inner resources for resolution and healing.

Jungian Psychology
Sally studied Jungian work with the eminent Dr Ernest Rossi and Dr Stephen Gilligan.

This is a really useful tool when relating to work on 'individuation'. Simplistically ‘individuation’ is the development of the balanced ‘self’ achieved by resolving conflicts that can occur at transitional periods in our lives. Typically, transition from childhood to teenager and from teenager to adult.

David Grove - Clean language
David studied other therapists working and discovered a neutral method of trance induction that does not interfere with a client’s experience.

He developed a series of 'clean' questions that do not impose the therapists’ world view or experiences onto the client.

In David's words; "So I came up with a set of questions and strategies which are neutral and do not interfere with a client’s process. They all start with the conjunction ‘and’… and what that does is facilitate a trance. So the use of clean language is very trance inducing without a traditional induction. It’s a natural induction because the questions don’t pull the client out of their experience. The questions are aimed at the metaphoric part of their experience so they don’t go through normal cognitive processes.”

Of Dr Rossi’s book “The Psychobiology of Gene Expression” Jeffrey Zeig PhD Director of the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, writes: “This book is a contribution for the ages. It shows in practical terms how the inter-twined genetic genius of the brain and body can be unlocked.

Ernest Rossi an internationally renowned psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and neuroscientist has discovered fascinating keys to better health and better living. “No chemistry required, it is all within.”

Rossi says: “The new understanding of the relationships between gene expression and human experience emerging from the Human Genome Project is setting the stage for a profound expansion of our understanding of life. The new neuroscience discoveries about enriching life experiences, neurogenisis and gene expression, are poised to profoundly expand our understanding of psychotherapy…..”


I have been awarded the most senior attainable grade of practitioner status by the National Council of Psychotherapists (MNCP  Snr. Accred.)

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