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Mind Relaxation

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So what is it that precedes a Relaxed Body?

The answer is: a Relaxed Mind!

Now we can all have gone to our relaxation class or listened to a ‘relax yourself recording’, and our mind will for that 20 minutes or half an hour focus on relaxing our muscles, face, jaw, throat, shoulders, back…front…..

Then “Ping!” as if on elastic, pretty soon, an hour or a day, after the relaxation class/period our mind Pings us back into tense face, tense jaw, tight throat, tense shoulders………

Here’s what happens with Rapha Hypnosis Mind Relaxations.

Our mind relaxes first, and next our body muscles follow our mind into deep relaxation.

Our mind learns by repetition – and our mind has the amazing capacity to learn quickly.

Our mind can remain relaxed (and at the same time have the clarity to think fast if needed) no matter the ‘stormy weather’ in life that in the past raised tensions in our mind and therefore in our body.

Just as our mind wants ‘stimulation’ in different ways, depending on what is going on for us, so too our mind wants to relax in different ways in different circumstances.

Hence I have for you a variety of six different ways for your mind to relax:

A Touching Relaxation          for when your mind needs to ‘touch upon and get hold of’ something new and different

A Surrendering Relaxation    for when your mind needs to give up fighting for while, rest and refresh

An Expansive Relaxation       for when your mind needs to explore your potential beyond imposed boundaries

A Growing Relaxation           for when your mind needs to attend to and grow the seeds of your new and positive ideas

A Healing Relaxation         for when your mind needs to heal properly and move on from emotional wounds

A Calming Relaxation            for when your mind is letting you know that it needs to be calm and quiet for a while. 

Each one of these mind relaxation methods lasts for twenty minutes.

This duration is deliberate, to be synchronised with the brain-minds natural Ultradian Rhythms.*

Every hour and a half throughout our day the brain-mind wants to naturally rest for 20 minutes.

During this rest phase there is paradoxically massive body activity renewing, replacing and ‘realigning’ right to the cellular level.

* Ref: Dr Ernest Rossi

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