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Rapha Hypnosis treatments put you (your conscious self) in touch with your unconscious self to teach you how to revise your automatic (unconscious) way of reacting.

Why? Because it is a fact that more than 90% of our daily life is driven by our unconscious thoughts, beliefs and reactions, which we have learnt throughout the course of our life.

(REF: Erickson, Jung, Einstein, Professor Lipton, [find him on You Tube] and many others)

Because they are by definition unconscious, we (the conscious we), need to be taught special strategies to communicate with and resolve then revise these learnt, sometimes less than useful, behaviours and replace them with sound conduct appropriate to our life now.

Fundamentally Rapha Hypnosis Treatments heal through education.
They educate you in:

The language that enables your conscious self to communicate with your unconscious self.

The specific diplomacy skills, such that your unconscious can elegantly cast off the habits and learnt traits that no longer serve you.

How to develop and integrate new strategies which will be your revised unconscious, now relevant responses.

Rapha Hypnosis is a very serious tool, and hence you need to be prepared to Work with the audio treatment and a note book for at least 30 minutes per day for forty days to get to grips with your particular issue and cure yourself of it. Permanently.

You owe it to yourself and paradoxically to your problem to treat it and yourself with all due respect. No short cuts.

What do I mean by ‘unconscious action’?

Here is a simple example, by way of explanation, of an inappropriate unconscious response and how these kind of responses work in our life ‘automatically’, without us being able to rarely, if ever consciously resist.

If you take this following simple example you will be able to apply it to many ‘problem’ states in which we experience an overriding automatic response, such as our stress response, our response to a trigger to a phobic state, our automatic response to food, our response which disables us from good sleep and so on and so on…...

Rapha the Acronym

Sally Stubbs developed an acronym for the term to further explain how Rapha, which is Hebrew for healing, applies in the context of Rapha Hypnosis:

RESILIENT  - Dictionary definition - ‘Readily recovering from shock, depression etc, (and become) buoyant.’

Enhanced by the informed action you will undertake when working with Rapha Hypnosis audio treatment, this is the result you will obtain.

AMALGAMATION - Dictionary definition - ‘Combine or unite to form one structure.’

In the Rapha system Sally combines and unites many and varied different proven therapeutic disciplines which she has learnt over 30 years in private practice and throughout her rigorous on-going education.

These include:-

Clean Language developed and taught by David Grove

Ericksonian complex therapeutic techniques

Knowledge gained studying under Dr Ernest Rossi

Jungian psychology

Other specialist techniques too numerous to list

An effective blend of thirty years experience, curing a multiplicity of clients problems

PSYCHO-PHYSICAL  - Dictionary definition - ‘The science of the relation between the mind and the body'.

Using Rapha Hypnosis you explore your mind and relate the discoveries to your physical and mental healing.

HEALING  - Dictionary definition - ‘To cause a wound, disease or person to heal, be cured or made sound again'.

When you work with one of the Rapha treatments, the ‘person’ will be you!

APPROACHES  - Dictionary definition - ‘A way of dealing with a person individually’.

There it is!  Rapha Hypnosis - Cures that Endure!

What is Rapha Hypnosis?
The significant difference between RAPHA HYPNOSIS and other seemingly similar therapies is that Rapha Hypnosis is a cure.

It is not a series of management strategies to help you cope with your problem.

Your problem may be long standing and although you want to be cured you know it will require serious intervention before you can be rid of it.

Tapping, EFT, manipulative NLP language, CBT superficial ‘exercises’ just plaster over the cracks and will not cut it for you.

You may have already tried these ‘toy techniques’, now you know you really have to get serious to be properly well.

Traditional techniques employ strategies such as relaxation & visualisation during which, the belief is, the unconscious mind will respond to direct suggestion.

It will not.

You can fool your conscious but you cannot fool your unconscious.

Simple example:

Amy is in a new and happy relationship with Ted. They have been living contentedly and lovingly together for a few months.

Amy has a history of her father, who was a hard working man and loyal to his family, often coming home late from his office.

Amy’s Mum Kate was a woman who was protective of her family. Kate had been adopted when she was two and half years old.

Every time Amy’s Dad was late home from his office, the young Amy witnessed and felt the furious and accusing response from her Mum to her Dad.

Amy’s unconscious learnt that this is the behaviour that must happen when your man is late home…..

Five months into Amy’s relationship living with Ted, he is late home.

Amy cannot get him on his mobile.

Amy’s conscious rational mind tries to consider that Ted is stuck in traffic, Ted has bumped into a mate and hasn’t noticed the time, the battery is flat on Ted’s mobile…..

But Amy’s unconscious mind has a perception, (which was learnt from her Mum’s behaviour,) that Ted is abandoning and betraying her.

Ted walks in 53 minutes later than his usual time to return home to first of all Amy’s fury lashing out at him, and then Amy’s withdrawal into to some dark, moody, unreachable, ‘leave me alone’ state.

Ted was late because he’d stopped off to get Amy a surprise gift…………..Amy’s reconciliation and apology takes unnecessary effort.

And the next few times Ted is late home from work, stuck in traffic, a meeting running late…….the same ‘damn thing’ happens again – and again………..Amy’s response of fury.

Amy needs the right strategies to communicate with her own unconscious self – to be able to unravel – and bring understanding into this now automatic response to her perception that she is – like her Mum’s belief – always going to be abandoned and betrayed.

No matter how much Ted assures Amy that he loves her, that he is loyal, he is monogamous, Amy’s unconscious won’t ‘get it’, not in a hundred years, until she learns how to communicate correctly with her own unconscious.