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You are, or are planning to have a baby. Congratulations! 

This is a special time that requires special care to ensure your pregnancy is a good experience and that both you and your baby feel comfortable and happy.

So take action in good time and use this Rapha Hypnotherapy audio treatment to calm and reassure you, providing you with the best prenatal care of its type.

Be Expectantly Well with this Natural and Safe Rapha Hypnosis Treatment



Whatever your problem I can help



This safe and  tested hypnotherapy audio treatment has been produced for you by leading expert clinical hypnotherapist and registered psychotherapist Sally Stubbs using the same curative Rapha Hypnosis techniques she uses in her 1 : 1 therapy.


More about having a Healthy & Happy Pregnancy with Rapha Hypnosis

Sickness in pregnancy occurs in the first three months and for some will continue into five months. Sickness can occur at any time of day or night.

Because these symptoms can manifest early in your pregnancy we suggest you can start this Rapha Course even before you are confirmed as being pregnant.

It is suggested that sickness in pregnancy affects a minimum of 50% of women, and can affect up to 80% of pregnant women.

Dr Owen, consultant obstetrician and gynecologist (along with many other doctors) says: “The actual causes of nausea or vomiting are still not known. It is probably brought about by hormonal changes taking place, or by an imbalance in blood sugar.”

So in the first few weeks of your pregnancy there is a rapid increase in hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin; the pregnancy hormone) and estrogen. 

I cannot, after everything I’ve read and studied, accept that our brain would cause sickness, (by too rapid an increase in hCG) at the exact time when the body is needed to be in optimum health. 

However you might be sick or nauseous for entirely different reasons at the beginning of your pregnancy, so if you experience any of the following please do check in with your doctor:

·      Severe stomach pains

·      High temperature, feverish

·      Pain on passing urine

·      Very dark urine, or not passing urine for more than eight hours 

And I’m sure that you will be doing all the right things, such as:

·      Avoid fatty, hot spicy or ‘fast foods’

·      Avoid alcohol

·      Avoid very sudden movements

·      Eat small portions of healthy food every two to three hours (Ref: Dr Ernest Rossi         Ultradian Rhythms)

·      Drink water throughout your day to avoid dehydration. 

We do have a heightened sense of smell and taste during pregnancy, the intelligence of the body, alerting us very quickly to substances that could be toxic to us and our baby whilst pregnant.  

You can prevent being sick, feeling ill and unwell during your pregnancy.

You can enjoy your entire pregnancy with a feeling of health and joy.

I’ve gathered information over more than thirty years and incorporated as part of this course how women who have a healthy happy pregnancy do it.

It is suggested that women who are prone to feel stressed or pressured by our fast paced life styles will be far more prone to sickness in their pregnancy.  

A component of my course teaches you to be calm no matter what is happening around you.  

My course is totally focused on changing beliefs that do not serve you, your health and the wellbeing of your baby. 

I wish you health and happiness, a really comfortable pregnancy and a warm welcome to your baby.

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