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Fix Your Phobia

Make no mistake this Rapha Hypnosis audio treatment is not about Managing your Phobia.

It is a treatment to educate you in ways to abolish the root cause of your phobia and be permanently free from it.

Our Guarantee:

You have a problem and we don’t want you to struggle with it any longer.

The unique strategies incorporated into Rapha Hypnotherapy Treatments are the solution.

We are not providing ‘Fast Food Therapy’, you should be aware it will require effort and time from you to be permanently free of your issue.

You will need to listen to the 15 tracks on the 5 CD set, make your own specific notes gain your insights then your life changes will happen automatically.

Rapha Treatments require about 30 minutes a day for 40 consecutive days.

If you do these things we guarantee you will have successful results or we will refund you the purchase price.


So there are two main problems with a phobia.

One: it rarely makes sense to be so frightened of that ‘something’.

It’s kind of illogical, because that ‘something’ is not actually dangerous to your life.

Two: the massive release of adrenaline and cortisol into your system when you become fearful of that certain ‘something’ can be seriously damaging to your body.

Here’s what the Rapha Therapy Treatment will do for you. It will heal your fear.

What do I mean by this?

Well, some younger ‘part’ of you was once really frightened. It might have been because you were stung by bees, and bees now terrify you. Or you did get trapped in a small space, and you feel you can never be in small spaces ever again. Or you were taunted by someone with a huge horrid spider and so on……

Or, sometimes none of these kinds of things happened.

You got frightened by something that just did not make sense at the time, like for example loud noises, or you got lost in the supermarket as a kid. And the mind projects these kinds of original fears onto ‘something’ like bees, as an unsuccessful attempt to be rid of fear.

Our Fix Your Phobia Rapha Treatment frees the younger ‘part’ of your mind from fear.

You are never, ever required to confront the ‘something’! That kind of strategy does not heal us or cure our fear. That kind of strategy is totally disrespectful of the younger part of our self who was truly frightened.

Rapha therapy techniques are always respectful of you and every part of you.


More about Fixing Your Phobia with Rapha

I am truly sad that you are suffering with a phobia, which can be severely debilitating in your life, and I am really glad that you are considering Resolving your Phobia with my Rapha Treatment.

According to the American Psychiatric Association:

‘A phobia is an irrational and excessive fear response to an object or situation.

In most cases the phobia involves an irrational sense of endangerment or fear of being harmed’.

Research indicates phobias affect at least 10% of the population.

I believe this figure is much higher, as a lot of people are embarrassed to admit to a phobia, so it is often not talked about.

A phobic response in you is an unnatural fear response, and will not always make sense.

By this I mean if you have a phobia of spiders for example, in the UK this is not logical as spiders in the UK are not toxic, are not a danger to life, but it feels that way to the person with this particular phobia.

If you are phobic say of flying, your mind-brain will try to make sense that it is unnatural and dangerous to be hurling along inside a lump of metal, at over 30, 000 feet in the air! And yet it won’t fully make sense as there are more deaths from crossing the road than from flying.

Being phobic of small spaces, birds, balloons, needles, and so on is not logical as none of these experiences or objects are dangerous

With any phobia you may suffer you will realise there is a lack of logic.

Physiologically our phobia response is the same as our fear response, which triggers the body to respond instantly to danger.

My Rapha Hypnosis Audio Treatment assists your unconscious mind to understand the phobic response, to heal and free you from the fear that is driving the phobia and then to feel and be calm no matter what phobia you have been experiencing.

The Rapha journey is comfortable, interesting, inspiring and safe for you, and assists you to learn new, different, better and healthy responses.

You have a phobia because at some time in your life, you got scared, really frightened and you learnt this response, in an attempt to keep yourself safe.

You may not even remember the specific moment as your unconscious could well be protecting you from the memory with specific amnesia.

On your Rapha journey to Resolve Your Phobia, be totally reassured that you do not have to remember or recall the scary, frightening experience in order to heal and learn a new and appropriate response.

Of course you may already remember that the scary time was: ‘When the big kids dropped spiders down your jumper…’

During my course you will also be able to consider, comfortably, the question: Could my Phobia have a secondary gain?

What do I mean?

Here’s an example of secondary gain.

A lovely, shy lady had, over a few years, developed agoraphobia, basically a fear of being trapped and having a panic attack.

She never went out of her house for several years. So her grown children came to visit once a week and did her shopping for her.

Secondary Gain: she got to see her children more often than had been usual.

My stories and my assignments on my Rapha Treatment enabled her to communicate elegantly and successfully to her grown children that she would love to see them once a week.


This might seem a simplistic solution to you, however this was a lady who had never learnt how to ask for something for her self.

We do our best to avoid the trigger, obviously, but we often also avoid the trigger as a way to keep our phobia private, because we do know that the fear response is irrational.

I used to be phobic of heights, which is totally cured now using my Rapha strategies.

However, one example of keeping this private is when I was with a group of friends who were gaily going up the Eiffel Tower, I made an excuse that I had to suddenly go and: ‘buy something urgently….’ I wasn’t going put myself in a position to be ridiculed by my friends, no matter how light hearted the teasing might be!

You will learn at deep levels of your unconscious mind and brain that ‘Scary is in the past’ and you can move on to new and better things as a phobia can severely disrupt your life, and I am truly sad that you were scared at some time or times in your past.

I will be delighted if you choose to join me now and journey with me on my Rapha Treatment to resolve your fear.

Put Scary in the Past.

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