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Cure Insomnia

Firstly you should know my Rapha Hypnosis Treatment is a cure for insomnia.

It is not a recording that you listen to every night to get you to sleep.

Our Guarantee:

You have a problem and we don’t want you to struggle with it any longer.

The unique strategies incorporated into Rapha Hypnotherapy Treatments are the solution.

We are not providing ‘Fast Food Therapy’ you should be aware it will require effort and time from you to be permanently free of your issue.

You will need to listen to the 15 tracks on the 5 CD set, make your own specific notes gain your insights and the changes will automatically happen in your life.

Rapha Treatments require about 30 minutes a day for 40 consecutive days.

If you do these things we guarantee you will have successful results or we will refund you the purchase price.


Bad sleep, disturbed and disturbing sleep, tossing and turning are really not good for you.

You don’t need me tell you this!

Bad sleep can affect entire areas of your precious life, from no longer enjoying food, sex, exercise – to sometimes massive horrible mood swings, that can come out of the blue and just ‘hit you’

This Rapha Treatment will teach you how to sleep well.

Nature meant you to sleep well. And somewhere along the journey of your life something changed the good revitalising sleep patterns that nature intended for you.

You will learn to comfortably discover what this was, you may already know, you may not really know?

Rapha teaches you how to comfortably resolve whatever it is in your unconscious mind that is stopping you from experiencing natural sleep.

How do I know that my Rapha Hypnosis Audio Treatment will help you?

I know that your unconscious learnt to sleep badly for some reason.

The paradox is your unconscious mind actually wants you to sleep and have top energy, top vitality and optimism.

Your unconscious wants you to be rested to enjoy your life to the full.

What you learn from the Rapha Hypnosis Treatment is to communicate with your unconscious in a clear way to resolve your bad sleep problem.

This is what I do, what I’ve learnt to do for the past 30 years.

These are the techniques I teach you in the Treatment to enable you to no longer have insomnia.

Journey with me on my Rapha Audio Treatment and you will sleep well.

It’s like having me with you for half an hour a day for 40 days.


More about Curing Insomnia with Rapha

Do you toss and turn through the night?

Do you wake up feeling depleted, miserable, pessimistic, exhausted, irritable, drained?

Sleeping well, as we all know, is vital.

Sleeping well is vital for our brain, our body, our state of mental and physical health.

Sleeping well is vital for our energy, our well being, and productivity, for our general optimistic state of mind and for good harmonious relationships.

Somewhere between six and ten hours sleep is considered normal.

Einstein reputedly needed ten hours! I think you’ll agree he was well in tune with his natural brain rhythms!

Poor quality sleep – such as:

difficulty falling asleep

difficulty in staying asleep

random wakefulness

early morning waking

 - can of course have numerous causes.

I am certain that you will have already considered external factors such as too much caffeine, alcohol and so on.

So what can be causing you to have poor quality sleep?

In the UK doctors say that at least 80% of insomnia is caused by psychological problems such as:

habitual worrying


nervousness in your daily life

problems in relationships.

The problem with these symptoms is that they cause poor quality sleep and this often leads into the cycle of feeling even more stressed through the day, which causes even poorer quality of sleep. This is a biochemical ‘vicious circle’.

So what can my Rapha Hypnosis Sleep Well Audio Treatment do to help you to break this cycle?

It will assist you to discover what is causing you this problem

It will safely and comfortably teach you how to resolve the cause.

It will give you, and tailor to your unique personal needs deep relaxation techniques.

It will teach you skills to stop worrying or ruminating.

An example of a cause of lack of sleep:

A young woman who had a problem with sleeping well contacted me.

She had a young baby who sadly had been unwell for several months.

During the time of her baby’s illness this young mother had learnt to not sleep deeply and to remain in a state of alertness to her baby’s needs throughout the night.

She worked with my Rapha Hypnosis Treatment to Cure Insomnia which reassured the deep levels of her unconscious mind that her baby is now safe, and assisted her mind and brain to relax and re-learn the ability to sleep well.

Your life’s experiences are as unique as this young mother’s.

You will discover for yourself on my Rapha Hypnosis Audio Treatment just what it is that you need to understand, resolve and thus learn to - Sleep Well!

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