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Hints to Happiness

If you have ‘down’, unhappy moods, particularly about certain occasions.

If there are times when you feel pessimistic and ‘lack lustre’ If you would like to change your life, feel ‘up beat’, optimistic or calm and clear, then these Tips, this Story and the Relaxation Technique on this CD, will help you.

Change how you think; change how you feel!

Learn from this system that we can change our mood from ‘down’ to ‘up’, by knowing how to change our thoughts and our beliefs. You can BE HAPPY!

Give Rapha Hypnosis a try. You will be amazed.

My audio treatments are directed at communicating elegantly with the wisdom, strengths, resources and vast healing potential of your unconscious mind.


Because, simply speaking, the problem that you want to resolve is unconsciously driven, because your conscious mind clearly does not want the problem!

The language of the unconscious has very different resonances to our conscious language. The paradox is, although your problem is unconsciously driven, it is your unconscious mind that can access the resolutions for you.

This is a single CD, not a 'treatment' like the other offerings on our site; it's a tempter to let you experience the power of Rapha Hypnosis.

How Rapha works, how it enables you to change. 

Track One:  A Guide to Enhance Your Happiness

Track Two:  A metaphorical story; You Know How to Wonder

Track Three: A Soothing Relaxation

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