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Kick Your Annoying Habits

The fundamental important fact you need to know about Rapha Therapy Treatments is that they teach you how to rid yourself of your Annoying Habit permanently.

They are not managing strategies to deal with your problem, they are cures.

Our Guarantee:

You have a problem and we don’t want you to struggle with it any longer.

The unique strategies incorporated into Rapha Hypnotherapy Treatments are the solution.

We are not providing ‘Fast Food Therapy’ you should be aware it will require effort and time from you to be permanently free of your issue.

You will need to listen to the 15 tracks on the 5 CD set, make your own specific notes gain your insights and the changes will automatically happen in your life.

Rapha Treatments require about 30 minutes a day for 40 consecutive days.

If you do these things we guarantee you will have successful results or we will refund you the purchase price.


So here’s the deal with annoying habits! They are a waste of your time……which is maddening for you.

I teach you how to stop that habit, and you can do something worthwhile with the time you gain!

How come, you may be asking, can nail biting, hair twiddling, teeth grinding & those kind of annoying habits possibly waste time?

They waste time because you spend time being annoyed or not thinking straight.

How do I know that I can help you stop that habit?

Because you don’t consciously want it!

Because your habit is unconsciously driven.

The Rapha Treatment teaches you how to communicate with your unconscious to be able to ‘kick it’ and do something that will make you happy instead of annoyed!

This is what I do – what I’ve learnt to do for the past 30 years - I communicate with the unconscious mind.

Journey with me on my Rapha audio treatment and kick your annoying habit.

It’s like having me with you for half an hour a day for 40 days.

With my Rapha Treatment Course for you to Kick Your Annoying Habit 

I am fully committed to:





You to change your

Negative self beliefs

Increase your inner self mastery

Access and liberate your abilities to think clearly

To have free choice

To access and release your own inner resources & strengths for you to Lose That Annoying Habit and  take real control.

I am fully committed to assisting you to heal and resolve emotional and psychological ‘wounds’ which may have created and caused you some inner conflict or turmoil.


Rid Yourself of that Annoying Habit with this Rapha Hypnosis Audio Treatment

Our brain does a fabulous thing for us, it learns quickly and it learns by repetition and then many tasks in life become unconscious, which means habituated.

This fabulous facility of the brain saves us all a phenomenal amount of time, and is fine as long as the habit is useful.

Driving is a good example! If you drive you will know that you no longer need to consciously think about mirror, brake, mirror, stop, look left, look right, mirror…… this process takes ages to consciously think and work it out, and you haven’t even left the junction yet!

You just ‘do it’ unconsciously, whilst consciously you can hold a conversation, listen to music, think about future plans, what you will have for dinner, whilst your unconscious does the driving!

Haven’t you experienced journeys like this: “I don’t remember – the last ten, twenty minutes….” Your driving just ‘happened’ as your unconscious mind took over the familiar journey.

But your amazing unconscious mind-brain is ever alert and vigilant for the traffic lights, pedestrians and so on.

Once we have learnt pretty much anything in life we no longer have to give ‘it’ thinking time. We can multi task and therefore save time.

So, lots of habitual behaviours are very useful for all of us.

However, as you are visiting this page, like most of us, you have learnt certain habits which are negating your fulfilment in life?

Science used to consider that once the mind-brain had learnt a behaviour, then that behaviour became ‘hard wired’ and would be virtually impossible to change!

Neuroscience has discovered in the past three decades that this is not the case.

Learnt behaviour is not ‘hard wired’ in our brain and can therefore be ‘un learnt’ and changed.

We do not yet know the true capacity or potential of our mind-brain.

Research is showing that learning something new can cause neurogenesis, meaning when we learn something new we are literally growing a new brain.

So you change an old habit - you gain; you learn something new - you gain, literally you grow a new brain.

You need to be motivated to make the changes you want.

This Rapha Hypnosis Treatment will assist you in getting outstandingly motivated.

Why do you need motivation to kick your annoying habit?

The brain learns faster and far more efficiently if we have motivation.

You will learn very quickly how to navigate your way off a mountainside if there is a storm brewing. Good purpose – getting to safety.

You will learn to swim if your child is drowning. Great purpose - you don’t even have to think about it – you just do it - saving your child’s life.

A child will learn really fast that two twos are four, if they can then go out to play after they’ve learnt the sum, or receive a gold star, or become the mathematician they dream of being.

These results are about meaningful purpose and not about reward!

The brain learns outstandingly quickly when we have a purpose to learn.

Purpose or reasons are what motivate all of us!

Once we know the purpose in learning something new we focus on the goal.

And since we cannot just turn off a learnt behaviour, the annoying habit, the excitement of the results to be gained also assists the new learning process.

The wonderful thing for you to understand is that human beings can change, we can all change and we have the freedom of choice to change for something that is good and better.

Kick your Annoying Habit with my Rapha Treatment. 

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