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End Anger

Make no mistake this Rapha Hypnosis audio treatment is not about Anger Management.

It is a treatment to educate (or re-educate) you in transforming the root cause of your inappropriate anger.

Our Guarantee:

You have a problem and we don’t want you to struggle with it any longer.

The unique strategies incorporated into Rapha Hypnotherapy Treatments are the solution.

We are not providing ‘Fast Food Therapy’ you should be aware it will require effort and time from you to be permanently free of your issue.

You will need to listen to the 15 tracks on the 5 CD set, make your own specific notes gain your insights and the changes will automatically happen in your life.

Rapha Treatments require about 30 minutes a day for 40 consecutive days.

If you do these things we guarantee you will have successful results or we will refund you the purchase price.


So the problem with inappropriate anger is you’ll end up being lonelier and lonelier and that will make you even angrier.

I’d be very sad if you spiralled in this horrific vicious circle.

I’m not talking here about time out to be alone – Alone time is productive and good and very different to loneliness.

Anger rarely achieves anything, unless you’re using that energy calmly to let’s say bring about some social reform!

But then it would not be seen as anger but determination.

So, here’s the thing:

My Rapha Treatment will progress to teach you how to transform that amazing ‘volcanic’ energy you have, whether your anger implodes into your self or explodes into the world, it’s a vast and valuable energy. You just need to learn how to direct it for positive outcomes.

The fundamental feature of the way in which all my Rapha Audio Treatments work is through education!

And a huge aspect of this is that you learn through all the courses how to influence your conscious self’s communication with your unconscious self.

And in this treatment you also learn how to:

elegantly express your rights values and needs

stop giving yourself a hard time

maintain your self respect and dignity

take care of your personal space without causing suffering to, or dominating others

express and experience, productively and creatively, something that will make you feel and be satisfied in your life

Let’s get started – journey with me on my Rapha Hypnosis End Anger Audio Treatment.

And remember, I’m not talking about controlling or managing your anger I’m talking about transforming it once and for all!

More about Ending Anger with Rapha

You want to Resolve Your Anger and I am really glad you do.

Whether you internalise your anger, against your self, through inner harsh dialogues:

“I am horrible, a waste of time, a failure…..”

Or you project it outwards - ‘kick the cat’ or raise your voice to others, my Rapha Hypnosis Audio Treatment will help, no matter your age or your circumstances.

Whether you sometimes feel your anger is justified and reasonable, it is possible that you have come to this page because there are times when you feel your anger is not justified - not reasonable or appropriate and is therefore causing you some difficulties, distress, concern such as guilt or fears.

One of the problems of experiencing recurring bouts of anger can be the physical recurrence of the “Fight or Flight” response.

Because we cannot ‘fight’ off our aroused emotions such as anger, nor can we take ‘flight’, that is run away from our own anger, our physical system is often flooded with a cocktail of chemicals such as cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine which our body cannot readily ‘burn off’.

In general, norepinephrine has the effect of increasing heart rate and blood pressure. Epinephrine has the effect of releasing stored sugar. (These actions are preparing the body to aid in vigorous, life saving physical activity “Fight or Flight”).

Cortisol acts to aid the body to prepare us for vigorous physical activity, one function of cortisol is to break down lean tissue for conversion to sugar.

Prolonged periods of elevated levels of cortisol can cause ulceration in the lining of the stomach.

Another problem of experiencing recurring bouts of anger can be Psychological and Emotional distress which can interfere with:




enjoyment of life


a fulfilled sex life

healthy digestion

healthy periods of rest and sleep

All of which can lead to further emotional difficulties such as self doubt, shame or guilt, self blame or inappropriate blame of others.

Anger can lead to aggressive behaviour which is either externalised i.e. projected outward onto a handy human or humans, handy objects, or the aggression is internalised and projected inwards into you. Whether you project your aggression outward or inwards towards your self – the consequent internal experiences can be Physically, Psychologically and Emotionally really damaging to you.

A dictionary definition of aggression is: “move against” – or to “move with the intent to hurt”.

In therapeutic terms – I am most interested in this definition: “Move against” or “Move with the intent to hurt”. Nearly always – when you are feeling anger the cause of your anger happened at sometime in your life when someone moved against you and you felt hurt and you experienced emotional pain.

My forty day Rapha Hypnosis Treatment: End Anger assists you to comfortably discover your own way to heal and resolve your hurt.

The Treatment also guides you towards learning new and more productive behaviours so that you will be able to assert yourself comfortably and calmly in those situations which have been triggering your anger.

Assertive behaviour means you will be able to utilise methods of communication which will maintain your self respect and dignity. You will express your rights, your values and your needs and take care of your personal space without causing suffering to, or dominating others.

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