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Hi from Sally Stubbs

I am delighted you are visiting our site because of your interest or curiosity in Rapha Hypnosis Treatments.

We have plenty of information here about the philosophy behind the Rapha Therapy techniques. About why they are successful in curing people who were suffering psychological and emotional problems from which they could not free themselves and which other treatments had not cured.

During my thirty years in practice I have developed these Rapha Therapies: ‘Cures that Endure’. I am more than happy that you are here to discover the results for yourself.

Cures that Endure

Rapha Hypnosis is a completely safe, tried and tested curative hypnosis treatment, which Sally Stubbs has developed and refined over the past thirty years.

Rapha Hypnosis curative therapy treatments have been produced on CD & MP3, which get to the very root of your problem and cure it permanently.


Resilient Amalgamation of Psycho - physical 
Healing Approaches

Unique therapeutic strategies that do not use traditional hypnotherapy

Rapha Hypnosis enables you to access and empower your inner resources to ‘free your mind, free your life!’

Sally uses these Rapha techniques in her 1:1 consultations and has applied them in a series of Treatments which can be purchased as sets of 5 CDs or as MP3 downloads.